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The anarchist projectuality grew from individual rebels coming together and creating a group in the attempt to transform the passion for freedom into something more concrete in order to make their ideas known, and try to open up insurrectional possibilities in a social terrain defined by some of the worst manifestations of power. In just one year the southern part of the island saw hundreds of anarchist posters, fliers, leaflets, graffiti, bookstalls, actions, anarchist participation in demonstrations and much more, disturbing the armed peace of the island. Needless to say the forces of repression did not remain indifferent. One comrade was given a seven months’ prison sentence for ‘assaulting’ a cop during a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home, another was given a three months’ suspended sentence on similar charges. Yet another was seriously beaten while in police custody following a flyposting expedition.

Saturday, 8 May 2010



September 4, anarchist comrade George Karakasian was sentenced by the main court of Nicosia, Cyprus, to 7 months prison for ‘assaulting a police officer’ on a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home on the occasion of a party to celebrate the anniversary of the Israeli State on 18/04/02. He was also fined 120 pounds for ‘possession of an explosive device’ - an old bullet which was found when his home was raided following the demo. (see previous communications)
George had declared in court that he did not intend to apologise, and that he did not feel guilty for his actions because the cop is the henchman of authority and Zionism and declared he was not asking for leniency from the court. He did not mention the fact that he had been severely beaten following his arrest and taken to hospital to have his wounds treated, and that the next day his medical case notes ‘disappeared’ from the hospital records.
The judge announced that George supported an ‘ideology of violence’, that the ‘crimes’ he had committed, were ‘extremely serious’, and that he had no other option but to send him to jail. This is the first time an anarchist has been on trial in this island, and it is clear that this is the true reason why the judge had to keep him in prison.
We have no doubt as to who the real criminals are: judges like Michael Papamichael who dish out years of prison as though they are sweets; the guard dogs of capital like those on the demo who unleashed their psychotic violence on those who were present to express their indignance and disgust at this outrageous feast of death; the screws and all those involved in the construction and management of prisons; the media who distort reality, supplying pre-fabricated opinions to maintain passivity and resignation; the soldiers who obey orders and massacre defenceless men women and children.. The list is endless.
The most beautiful moment is when the clash against all the things that oppress us expresses our passion for equality and solidarity. This passion cannot be destroyed. The insurrectional flame, the will for life, will pass through the rubble of prisons and courts…. because they don’t capture a free man because they put him in a cell. Even the most inhuman power of authority is not enough to erase what we have in us. It cannot crush what we are fighting for, what pushes us and what we are pushing for, all of us: the social revolution, when the free expression of human nature won’t be just an abstract concept but will take life from the same passion that fires us to fight.
Freedom for George Karakasian!
Solidarity with anarchist comrade Sotiris Marangos, whose trial for the same demo with similar charges continues on September 30!
Destroy all prisons!

comrades of the anarchist group of Cyprus.

George has been deprived of his personal belongings
George Karakasian
Central Prison of Cyprus, Wing 2B 6523, Nicosia, Cyprus.
A solidarity account for George and Sotiris has been opened at the National Bank of Greece in Cyprus, Limassol agency (540), Account number: 540547441-0.

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