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The anarchist projectuality grew from individual rebels coming together and creating a group in the attempt to transform the passion for freedom into something more concrete in order to make their ideas known, and try to open up insurrectional possibilities in a social terrain defined by some of the worst manifestations of power. In just one year the southern part of the island saw hundreds of anarchist posters, fliers, leaflets, graffiti, bookstalls, actions, anarchist participation in demonstrations and much more, disturbing the armed peace of the island. Needless to say the forces of repression did not remain indifferent. One comrade was given a seven months’ prison sentence for ‘assaulting’ a cop during a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home, another was given a three months’ suspended sentence on similar charges. Yet another was seriously beaten while in police custody following a flyposting expedition.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


‘A missile fell on our house’, says the wounded little Iraqi girl to the journalist and when he asks her where it fell from she answers promptly: ‘From America’. She doesn’t know of Cyprus of course. It’s very hard for her to realise that missiles can be launched even from a small island called Cyprus, which is much closer to her than America. When, perhaps, this same missile has blown to pieces some other children that were beside her, some other of her loved ones, who will dare explain to her terms like bases, State establishment treaties, EU precedent, facilitations… Who will dare explain to her the difference between right wing and left wing facilitations? Who will have the audacity to tell her that the people of Cyprus are with her, when these very people watch military aircraft take off to spread death and destruction and either remain uninvolved or participate in ‘religious’-like marches and protests, not to save her but for some to ‘save’ their soul and communications position?
The little Iraqi girl could wait for the build up of the ‘mass’ movement, but if she is lucky she will have grown up by then. She may want to take revenge. Then she will not be called an ‘innocent victim’; she will be called a ‘terrorist’. The way they call terrorists those who dared to get rid of mercenary scum and ‘family man’ killers of the Saunders kind. Who has the right to take a human life cry out the comfortable and subjugated around us, while at the same time they shed crocodile tears for the millions of dead and crippled in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq….
As long as there exist military bases beside us, as long as there exist States and interests, the only consistent and dignified stand that anyone who wants to be called a human being and a fighter can have, is the attempt to destroy them. Even if a single aircraft were immobilised, even if a single installation were burned, it would be a victory.
Let us prove to the globalised murderers, the destroyers of all human creativity, that our solidarity is not only words but also practical disputation of their every decision, of their every step, of their very existence…..
Anarchist Nucleus Cyprus

‘Today anarchy is indignation, deadly hatred and unending war against all oppressors and exploiters that exist on earth. It is the claiming of the oppressed that cannot be prescribed. It is the treaty of their alliance, their war cry, the implacable war, until there is no longer even a single boss on earth, even a single exploiter……….. But tomorrow, when all obstacles will be crushed, anarchy will mean solidarity and love. The total freedom of everyone……….’
Carlo Cafiero

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