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The anarchist projectuality grew from individual rebels coming together and creating a group in the attempt to transform the passion for freedom into something more concrete in order to make their ideas known, and try to open up insurrectional possibilities in a social terrain defined by some of the worst manifestations of power. In just one year the southern part of the island saw hundreds of anarchist posters, fliers, leaflets, graffiti, bookstalls, actions, anarchist participation in demonstrations and much more, disturbing the armed peace of the island. Needless to say the forces of repression did not remain indifferent. One comrade was given a seven months’ prison sentence for ‘assaulting’ a cop during a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home, another was given a three months’ suspended sentence on similar charges. Yet another was seriously beaten while in police custody following a flyposting expedition.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Letter to some Turkish comrades

Dear comrades
First, we are writing to let you know that our comrade George Karakasian was freed from prison in December after serving four months of a seven month sentence. (He will have to serve the other three months if he is arrested again over the next five years.) So, we are very happy to have George back with us.
Now it is the turn of Sotitiris Marangos to face the judge (the same Papamichael who got promotion for sentencing George). The final hearing is set for 28/01/03, when the judge is due to pronounce the verdict.
Meanwhile we have been carrying on with our activity in various sectors – in manifestations against the imminent war against Iraq, in the diffusion of a critique of the ‘Annan Plan’ where we urge people to insurge against all States, without national or international flags, and we’re also beginning some work against the impending elections.
We now have a web site which we are working on, so you can find further information about our activities there, as well as the texts of some of our leaflets.
Apart from sending you the above info, the reason we are writing to you now is that we would like to establish closer contact with you, and receive, if possible, contacts for anarchists or groups who might be interested in an exchange of ideas with a view to an eventual collaboration in the struggle. We are particularly interested in contacting anarchists in the north of Cyprus and making ourselves known to them.

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  1. Hello comrades!

    We send our best wishes to George Karakasian, to all of you, to all people anywere fighting for a world free of capitalism and full of mutual cooperation, in which individual an collective freedom are one and a descent, fullfilled life for everyone is the goal of society. Also wishes to remain Sotitiris Marangos free as soon as possible.

    We're an organization struggling in the city of Istanbul and believed in the importance of local and international solidarity. We would like to establish a common base with you for solidarity, cooperation and exchange of ideas. As far as we know, there aren't any anarchist groups or organizations in the north of Cyrprus; but let's not forget how skilled that the anarchists in being invisible. We hope that the anarchy will also sprout there in the near future.

    Health & Anarchy

    Συντροφικός, D.A.F. (Revolutionary Anarchist Action)