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The anarchist projectuality grew from individual rebels coming together and creating a group in the attempt to transform the passion for freedom into something more concrete in order to make their ideas known, and try to open up insurrectional possibilities in a social terrain defined by some of the worst manifestations of power. In just one year the southern part of the island saw hundreds of anarchist posters, fliers, leaflets, graffiti, bookstalls, actions, anarchist participation in demonstrations and much more, disturbing the armed peace of the island. Needless to say the forces of repression did not remain indifferent. One comrade was given a seven months’ prison sentence for ‘assaulting’ a cop during a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home, another was given a three months’ suspended sentence on similar charges. Yet another was seriously beaten while in police custody following a flyposting expedition.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Solidarity with the Palestinian insurrection

The ongoing resistance of the Palestinian people, particularly by young boys armed with nothing but stones against one of the best equipped and most efficient armies in the world, has been a struggle against all the horrors of classical genocide: mass deportation, concentration camps, indiscriminate massacres, the destruction of individual houses and whole streets, on the spot shooting, violence, rape, attacks on the mosques, planned massacres by plain clothes death squads, etc. The use of lethal poisonous gases, rubber bullets and real bullets with their daily death toll which no longer makes news, has failed to quell this rebellion.
The media, in the new democratic world order based on opinion and consensus, have excelled themselves in their biased reporting of such events, consolidating opinion in favour of the Israeli State and US interests in the Mediterranean. However, the Nazi-style project of the physical and cultural extermination of the Palestinian Arab people can no longer be concealed from the eyes of the world as bombs, tanks and bulldozers continue to demolish their miserable homes along with the few social structures they have managed to erect in the open prison they have been condemned to live in. The cries of indignation that this has provoked from much of the political leadership of the West has had little to do with feelings for the Palestinians and a lot to do with fear of upsetting some of the surrounding Arab States on whom they depend for cheap supplies of oil.
The reaction of some of the young people involved in the struggle to ward off one of the most highly equipped armies in the world barehanded is hardly surprising. Surrounded by the stench of death since birth, some have been recruited by Islamic organizations such as Hamas in order to take a few equally defenceless Israeli men women and children with them in the tragic culmination of their short lives. Such events are given maximum media coverage, not out of any real sympathy for the victims of suicide attacks, but because they can be exploited politically in favour of the interests of dominion, fitting perfectly into Bush’s logic of the ‘axis of evil’ in order to justify State terror on a massive scale.
Faced with this reality it is easy to fall prey to the Manichaean logic of war and side with one or other ‘nation’ en bloc. But if our solidarity with the oppressed is to be go beyond words or marching behind national flags, we must make an effort to understand the situation in its profound social and historical complexity. Only then will we be able to abandon the role of passive spectator and act with revolutionary solidarity in a way that refuses the obtuse logic of nationalism, militarism and the State.
Already in 1917 in the Balfour declaration it was evident that international Zionist interests were far more important than the fate of ‘70,000 Arabs with all their prejudices’. The occupation of the Palestinian land and the constitution of a Jewish national party based on history and religion was about to begin. By 1935 there were already 400.000 Jews to 900.00 Arabs. In 1948 the Israeli State was constituted – clashes and persecutions began, resulting in a mass exodus of the Arabs. All Jewish immigrants were promised not only nationality, but also one of the houses left by the Arabs in their flight. They had the sympathy of the world behind them following the genocide put into act by the Nazis, and how could it be otherwise. But behind them were the interests of Zionism and those of US domination, and dollars were poured into Israel to strengthen the State and supply an arsenal of weaponry fit for the latter’s role as policeman of the Mediterranean. Ever since, the colonizers have continued to push the Palestinians out of their homes and off their land, consigning them to a tiny desert which has become the most densely populated area in the world.
It should be said that many of the first Jewish immigrants in the land of Israel had ideals of equality which encountered the desire of the Palestinaian Arabs to share their land as they had done previously with the Armenians fleeing Turkish persecution. They did not oppose themselves to the Jews until the occupation took the form of a Zionist political movement aimed at instating an Israeli State as opposed to free federated agricultural communities. There still exists today an opposition in Israel who are against the Zionist project of death in favour of a kind of libertarian socialism in the Middle East, especially Israel. They reject the nationalist Israeli State in favour of the class struggle for free collectivist communities. In fact free federated productive communities would be the only possible solution for the people of the Middle East.
The realization of a desire to live alongside each other without the State by both Israeli and Palestinian people would subvert the world order of exploitation and death. The latter requires a situation of racial hatred and war as the necessary preliminary for orchestrating a future situation of armed peace along with all the internal structures required to maintain such a condition. The constitution of the Palestinian State by the OLP with Arafat as its leader, seen by many as something positive, did not waste time in baring its true nature in this sense. A grotesque parody of a State with its Palestinian policemen, courts and prisons took the place of the Israeli Shin Beth in repressing the uncontrollable youths of Gaza. Arrests, interrogation, torture and imprisonment by one-time comrades in arms against the colonizers now the upholders of order - in the first place in the interests of the Israeli bosses - has lead to armed resistance within the State of Palestine, mainly in the form of Hamas, ‘The armed wing of God’, preparing boys for death in the holy war against the infidels.
In spite of all this, the Intifada which broke out in December 1987, continues unabated. It is to this mass insurrection that we must give our solidarity by attacking the economic and political interests of the Israeli State without attacking the Israeli people.
Internationalist revolutionary solidarity uses simple means such as sabotage, the boycotting of products, or demonstrations which distinguish themselves clearly from all political manifestations tinged with nationalism.
The language of rebellion knows no borders, it can strike anywhere, any time.
This is what the States are afraid of. They know that without the consensus of the indifferent their arsenal of war would become dead weapons.
The world has shown its indifference too long. It is time to express our anger in revolutionary solidarity with all those in struggle against the State, in particular with the young Palestinians fighting for their lives.

Free hearts
For a world without borders.

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