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The anarchist projectuality grew from individual rebels coming together and creating a group in the attempt to transform the passion for freedom into something more concrete in order to make their ideas known, and try to open up insurrectional possibilities in a social terrain defined by some of the worst manifestations of power. In just one year the southern part of the island saw hundreds of anarchist posters, fliers, leaflets, graffiti, bookstalls, actions, anarchist participation in demonstrations and much more, disturbing the armed peace of the island. Needless to say the forces of repression did not remain indifferent. One comrade was given a seven months’ prison sentence for ‘assaulting’ a cop during a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home, another was given a three months’ suspended sentence on similar charges. Yet another was seriously beaten while in police custody following a flyposting expedition.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Images from rebellion in Lymbia, Cyprus, against incinerator 2007


The first day in the cell, still waiting to be judged at court, I started contemplating where my actions up until then had been leading me. The prospect of one day being convicted, of being closed up in that place for years on end, seemed scary. And what had my actions managed to change? Had the world improved, even a little? So I was thinking whether I should and, if so, in what way I should change my attitude so as to avoid such a terrible conviction in the future. What should I omit, what should I do less of?

But what had I done until then? I had hardly done anything. I disseminated pamphlets in interventions, I put up posters, I wrote a slogan on a wall now and again and I participated in demonstrations, where, at least within the space controlled by the Cyprus State, I used no sort of violence whatsoever. Not that I am against violence when it is aimed towards those that exploit others, towards social criminals and the puppets who protect them. It’s just that the conditions were such that I hadn’t had the opportunity to use violence except clearly for self-defense. Any anti-authoritarian anarchist in any country where there is a serious anarchist movement would call the kind of action which I had taken at least flimsy, if not frivolous action that only suits reformists. Nevertheless, despite this I found myself accused with serious false accusations and I have ended up in prison. So what’s left for me to change? Primarily two things:

One is the very content of texts and slogans. Those that until then turned against authority, the state, capitalism, the system.

The second is my attitude when a figure of power is trying to impose on me, even when s/he holds in contempt the laws which s/he is supposed to uphold, which is the usual case. In other words, I should remain silent and accept his/her authority. So I imagined my life under these terms. To compromise, obey the system, consent to crimes with my silence. Not to be anti-authoritarian but to pretend that I can fight “in other ways”. To suck up to the cop when s/he approaches me, lest he finds a pretext to arrest and accuse me. What’s left to change? To become subjugated. There is no middle ground, since I believe that I don’t believe that you can change the system with the means that itself has to offer. In such a case I would have to be consciously subjugated because I could not fool myself about this. Every trace of freedom I had would have vanished. I would be imprisoned, even if I could walk freely in the streets.

So then I compared the two prisons: the one which I found myself in and the one which compromise would lead me to. I found the second one unbearably awful; much worse than the first. So I preferred the first one. From that moment onwards I knew what I should do. I would take things as far as they would go.

A bit later, a warder came and announced to me that I had been assigned to do chores. I refused. I knew that that would lead me to the isolation cell. I was even warned about that. The isolation was postponed, in the end, because the next day I would be led to court for the announcement of my sentence. I decided that if I was sentenced to prison, I would go on hunger strike. Indeed, I was sentenced to 15 days in prison. It was less than what I had expected. But I thought I’d go on hunger strike, even symbolically, for those two weeks.

Hunger strike in central State prison [of Cyprus] constitutes an offence. So after all my personal belongings were removed from me, save for the clothes that I was wearing, I was led to isolation. I had thought upon isolation as something horrible. To be constantly confined to a space of 2,5 x 2 metres, with nothing to do and, in my case, with no food,to sleep next to the crapper.

But there a surprise awaited me: I felt free! In isolation the legal authority of the system stops, it is the prison within the prison. No other penalty can be imposed on you. You can be undisciplined, swear at the warders, refuse to obey to any other order and they can’t do anything to you. You are confined, but you’re free!

Today is 28 July, a week in prison, sixth day in isolation. Today I got a message of solidarity. I was informed about what is happening outside. There is nothing that gives more strength to a political detainee than to know s/he is not alone. The first time I heard about the power of support was from the comrade George Karakasian, with the message he sent from prison. But back then I could not grasp its meaning. I just thought those were typical words that are usually written under such circumstances. I had to go through a cell myself to realise what it means, when I was held up for 24 hours in Limassol. Now I discover it all over again and the message is even more powerful, because I see my comrades unite again for a common cause, and with them also people that are politically aware. A movement is finally being formed. And it becomes even more powerful, because we are no longer segregated into Turks and Greeks, to Kurds and whatever else. We’ve broken the artificial segregations that they imposed upon us. Their racism does not touch us, their borders do not concern us.

Today I am happy, I am strong. The warders see that. They know that they no longer have any weapon against me and they’re not even trying to impose on me. They are completely relaxed. They kindly ask me if I want (!!) them to let me out in order to do something I want and upon my refusal, they leave without a second thought. Yesterday they allowed me to have a book, a note pad and a pencil. These are a whole fortune in here, but I can do without them.

Closing, I would like to say the following: from the moment I joined the anarchist movement, the State has never stopped giving me political lessons. It taught me to hate its authority through unjustified arrests, beatings, false accusations. It taught me to scorn its institutions through pre-arranged and unreasonable trials, whether mine or my comrades’. It taught me to doubt the “information” it provides us with, after the cruel war by the media, which constantly speak against us, with no interest in the truth (save for very few exceptions). It taught me to hate it, for its participation in crimes against humanity. It taught me who the real enemies and who my friends are. It taught me the power of solidarity.

Today it gives me one more lesson: that the worst prison that exists is subjugation, that real freedom belongs only to the revolutionists. It even taught me to believe in something that had previously seemed metaphysical, that:



One can only be made sick by all the bargaining that takes place between political parties so that the party leaders can find the “right” people. Those, that is, those that will become their pawns at the next municipal elections. Of course, the subservient party members still ruminate the same rotten mottoes about “social consent” and “common good”, calling upon all of us to follow them like obedient sheep and vote for them.

But follow them where? To the destruction of every form of human freedom and communication? To the absurd logic of the exploitation of man by man? To the hundreds of evident but also undisclosed scandals (stock market, the State’s Department of Land, “bribes”, “illegal” permissions)? There where power and capital, close accomplices as always, devour the savings and incomes of the proletarians? Or shall we conform to their “pro-popular” politics, when with various pretexts (European Union, road safety) they vote for laws that go from increases in fines to the pathetic law regarding the Patients Card (which has turned public hospitals into private clinics)? Despite continuing problems (damaged roads, traffic problems, lack of meeting spaces for civilians, buildings inaccessible to people with special needs, etc.) and the inability on the part of “experts” to solve them, the parade of ridiculous and ambitious candidates in the media continues on a daily basis.

But what are elections, really, and what is their true role? They are the means that the State uses to succeed in the total subjugation of its citizens, with as little reaction from them as possible. Their role is to create, through the concession of superficial freedom, the impression that with one’s vote, one actively participates in the shaping of one’s life and true needs. By dragging people to the polls by a law which they themselves actually created, they ask of people to elect their next rulers and suppressors. They offer various pitiful choices, which are no different in colour (red or blue) or in where they place themselves (right or left). In any case, all rulers share the same goals: the perpetuation of the lack of human freedom and the suppression of every social revolt. Thus they keep people drowsed and separated. They use as a pretext various oppositions between political parties (which are, however, imaginary) which are duly suppressed when there is a call for interest. At the same time, we become witnesses to sickening collaborations between political parties that take place so bluntly, without even the “necessary” hypocritical appearance that they have got us used to. And as for the supposed rebels and “independent” candidates who proclaim that they look out for the common benefit, outside of party procedures, it’s not even worth the effort to bother with them, since they themselves revoke their own proclamations.

As far as municipal elections are concerned and specifically local self-government, their role is multi-faceted and much darker than that of other processes. They constitute another invention of the Statists, which ensures the possibility of greater control and direct access to society’s internal mechanisms. Because unarguably, mayors and members of the municipal council, too, even though seemingly closer to the people, also execute State orders. And, as anyone can realise, everyone works according to the orders of the capital, adjusting their programmes not to the common good, but to the best possible service of every suppressive creep. If, anyhow, things were any different, then cities would have a different face and not that of boredom and monotony which contributes to the suffocation of every creative feeling – a feeling that can, however still be developed inside us, if only we ourselves keep ourselves truly free. For, despite the efforts being made, nobody can control the thoughts and feelings of an acute person.

We as anarchists and as fighting people, prompt everyone to an electoral sabotage, thus maintaining an attitude of personal dignity. So let us show to the autocrats of our lives that we are not weak-willed, but that we are fighting for a better world, for a society without States and dominators.



Yes we can no matter how powerful they boast they are, behind the weapons and space age uniforms are just mean petty men. They are merely pawns, instruments of authority who, even with their cutting edge equipment, will never be able to put a brake on the more powerful weapon we all have at our disposal: resurrected passion, the will for life and disobedience concerning anything that corrupts our dignity. Even if they look unbeatable, they and their equipment are nothing when faced with real feelings. If their apparent omnipotence sets the boundaries within which they want us to act, we respond that it is necessary to break these boundaries and get away from predictable, programmed ways of protesting to reach perspectives of liberation without parties or representatives, coordinators or organisers, sheep or shepherds, and take our lives into our own hands.

Why the base is a project of death

The base houses a forest of antenna which, along with the new one under construction, are of absolutely no social use whatsoever. On the contrary, these instruments are only of use to the British military and their allies the USA.
We can and we must destroy the base of death because they emit invisible pollution in the form of radio waves which are known to produce various types of cancer, thus endangering our health and that of our children;
Because the antenna can also be used to emit microwaves to control people’s minds and behaviour. The British government are pioneers in this field, already causing cancer, depression and unfocussed aggression among the catholic population of northern Ireland.
Because the base controls our lives. Every day readings from the antenna are sent to secret services GCHQ in England. Every day helicopters and spy planes fly over our heads to reconnoiter the area. Police road blocks and army patrols are a part of our daily life.
Because the constant sight of the base and military paraphernalia offends our aesthetic sense, our love of life, putting nightmares in the place of dreams.
Because the antenna control all the countries of the Middle East and far beyond, thereby placing this island under constant threat of attack. Many terroristic State attacks have used the base at Akrotiri in recent years, and more are foreseen in the near future – see the plans of mass murderers Bush and Blair to bomb Iraq.
For these reasons and many more that we don’t know or don’t have space to go into here, we must destroy the base of Akrotiti.

The political parties and organisations against the base

The communist party AKEL says it is against the base, but goes no further than organising huge demonstrations for people to express their democratic dissent. These demonstrations usually take the form of long marches with the aim of tiring us out and making us feel that we have done something significant against the base, while keeping it at a safe distance from our anger.
The ‘greens’ and ecology parties are against the antenna because it threatens the local flora and fauna, and because of the threat to health seen as a thing in itself, ignoring the actual military and social significance of the base. They organise symbolic actions against the base, thereby getting the media attention they desire, but back away from actions by local people who intend to attack the base. They say they want to save nature, but do not do anything concrete against those who are polluting it.
The peace movement – they are against the base, but, being nonviolent are also against the idea of attack.
Right wing member of parliament Matzaki is also against the base. His patriotic fervor contains hatred, not of all instruments of State terror against the people (all peoples) but of the English army as such, leaving the way open to the local police and military.

Who are we

We are anarchists, and as such are against all forms of imposed authority and control. We despise those who claim to act on others’ behalf as we know that they only do so for personal power or wealth. We also despise those who put decisions concerning their lives into the hands of such thieves and scoundrels. We struggle for the world we desire to live in, a world without bosses or slaves, alongside the exploited who take responsibility for their own lives in struggles where freedom becomes a reality, even for brief moments.

What can we do

In the face of such a monstrous reality as the base of Akrotiri it would be easy to become discouraged, feel powerless and leave the way open to the political parties, continuing to suffer in silence.
In actual fact, the only force capable of destroying the base of death is that of the people themselves, all those whose lives are affected by it. We are not alone. Many others are struggling against similar antenna in other parts of the world, and they would become our supporters and comrades. The media, instead of lies, would have to show the world at large that a people have taken up arms against their masters.
So let’s wake up! The struggle against the base must be real, not symbolic. It must be an ongoing, constant struggle, not one that leaves deadlines to demos and blockades called by groups who are simply following their own political schedules.
This struggle is not a political battle, it is part of the social war that requires employment of the means of all times: sabotage, attack, the spreading of information and self-organisation of the exploited to defend their own interests and take back their lives and those of their children.
To do this, those who are already convinced that direct attack and the eventual occupation and destruction of the base is the only thing we can do must begin to act in this sense right away.
We must organise in small groups with people we know and trust and carry out the actions that we decide upon ourselves. We must keep in touch with other similar groups, keeping alive the attack that has already begun and spreading it horizontally until the day when we all enter the base, men women and children armed with all the means at our disposal: tractors, lorries, bulldozers… to throw the out lords of war in a great joyful dance of life.
Anarchist group of Cyprus



September 4, anarchist comrade George Karakasian was sentenced by the main court of Nicosia, Cyprus, to 7 months prison for ‘assaulting a police officer’ on a demonstration outside the Israeli ambassador’s home on the occasion of a party to celebrate the anniversary of the Israeli State on 18/04/02. He was also fined 120 pounds for ‘possession of an explosive device’ - an old bullet which was found when his home was raided following the demo. (see previous communications)
George had declared in court that he did not intend to apologise, and that he did not feel guilty for his actions because the cop is the henchman of authority and Zionism and declared he was not asking for leniency from the court. He did not mention the fact that he had been severely beaten following his arrest and taken to hospital to have his wounds treated, and that the next day his medical case notes ‘disappeared’ from the hospital records.
The judge announced that George supported an ‘ideology of violence’, that the ‘crimes’ he had committed, were ‘extremely serious’, and that he had no other option but to send him to jail. This is the first time an anarchist has been on trial in this island, and it is clear that this is the true reason why the judge had to keep him in prison.
We have no doubt as to who the real criminals are: judges like Michael Papamichael who dish out years of prison as though they are sweets; the guard dogs of capital like those on the demo who unleashed their psychotic violence on those who were present to express their indignance and disgust at this outrageous feast of death; the screws and all those involved in the construction and management of prisons; the media who distort reality, supplying pre-fabricated opinions to maintain passivity and resignation; the soldiers who obey orders and massacre defenceless men women and children.. The list is endless.
The most beautiful moment is when the clash against all the things that oppress us expresses our passion for equality and solidarity. This passion cannot be destroyed. The insurrectional flame, the will for life, will pass through the rubble of prisons and courts…. because they don’t capture a free man because they put him in a cell. Even the most inhuman power of authority is not enough to erase what we have in us. It cannot crush what we are fighting for, what pushes us and what we are pushing for, all of us: the social revolution, when the free expression of human nature won’t be just an abstract concept but will take life from the same passion that fires us to fight.
Freedom for George Karakasian!
Solidarity with anarchist comrade Sotiris Marangos, whose trial for the same demo with similar charges continues on September 30!
Destroy all prisons!

comrades of the anarchist group of Cyprus.

George has been deprived of his personal belongings
George Karakasian
Central Prison of Cyprus, Wing 2B 6523, Nicosia, Cyprus.
A solidarity account for George and Sotiris has been opened at the National Bank of Greece in Cyprus, Limassol agency (540), Account number: 540547441-0.


Before you begin your holiday basking on the beaches of this beautiful island, we invite you to read the following:
The Cypriot State, while calling itself democratic, tries in every way to obstruct and prevent each and every kind of social struggle and the very act of doubting the State itself.
At this moment anarchist comrade George Karakasian has been a hostage in the hands of this State since 27/08/02. The only ‘crime’ our comrade has committed is that he contested not only the existence of the State but also it’s logic of passivity, wage slavery, or ‘enclosure’ within the artificial needs required for the preservance and survival not only of the Cypriot State but of every other State and authority in general.
Last April, a period characterised by the massive and continuous massacre of the Palestinian people by the Zionist murderers, George Karakasian could not remain passive. Ignoring the lifestyle that wants people to stay closed within a personal deadlock characterised by the logic of survival (school, army, work, retirement, death), he chose daily struggle as a way of life and as an attitude of personal dignity.
The invitation of the Israeli ambassador, convinced that while massacres of children were taking place there was no problem in celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of his bloodthirsty State, fortunately did not remain unanswered. This time the people’s rage could not be contained by the forces of order and the inevitable riot police.
All the guard dogs of capital were present, ready as always to protect the bosses, exploiters and everyone who lives on the backs of the workers who are trying to survive in harder and harder living conditions.
The imprisoned comrade George Karakasian was presented in court with eight heavy accusations, three of which are considered to be the most serious. We will dwell on this subject for a moment, not because we want to ‘justify’ anything – anyway social struggles cannot in any way be ‘judged’ by so-called ‘bourgeois legality’ – but because we want to show the dirt, hypocrysy and everything else that the word ‘justice’, the candy they hold in their mouths every day, stands for. So in order to to destroy the illusions which the law serves to foster:
Charge (1): ‘Causing serious physical injury to a police officer’: If the symbolic grasp (showing up the hateful the role of the police present) of the hat of a cop who later talked in front of the cameras can be called ‘serious physical injury’, then what can we call the capturing of the comrade by these cops, his being dragged inside the home of the Israeli ambassador and continually beaten all over his body by five of them shouting at him ‘fuck your anarchy’. They also injured his ear by pulling his earring. The extent of his injuries was such that he was taken to hospital. The democratic procedure did not stop there. When George Karakasian returned to the hospital next day to take his case card this had accidentally disappeared…
Charge 2: ‘Causing criminal damage to windscreen of a car belonging to a one of the guests invited to the celebration’. The ‘gentleman’ in question, who happens to be the manager of a multinational company and was naturally invited to the celebration of slaughter, although having been warned warned by the comrade Karakasian to turn back, tried to drive through the demonstrators with his car!!! As if that were possible. Anyway, in our opinion, the reason he managed to escape is that anarchists are not killers or conspirators like the guests!!! Here the phrase fits: ‘they talk about damage to property while we are talking about the loss of human lives’.
Charge 3: ‘Being in possession of a explosive device’. This is the ridiculous accusation of possessing an old bullet which was found when his home was raided. This does not deserve comment and only shows clearly the revenge of a ‘civilised’ and progressive State such as Cyprus when it is about to judge social fighters and people with dignity. We have already clarified that we did are not presenting the charges in order to justify them. The dignified attitude our comrade held in the court (something seen for the first time in Cyprus) and the fact that he did not ask for it to show him any clemency, shows exactly what are the feelings of anarchists for so-called ‘bourgeois justice’ are.
We as comrades of anarchist George Karakasian feel sorrow of course for the fact that he is imprisoned by the detestable Cyprus State, but at the same time we have the joy of knowing that our comrade remains strong and knows the impact his acts will have in the future in the revolutionary movement of the island and in future struggles generally.
Our solidarity until the day of the sentence (4/09/02 but which will also continue later) will take those dimensions it has to, in order that all those who express the misery of power understand that the attack they have started against anarchists and all those in struggle will not remain unanswered, that they will pay for the evil they do.
For a free life, a life in which everyone will be able to enjoy everything through equality and solidarity.


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